Global Spring Break

Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean that the Tuck community is sitting still. There are many taking vacation, but there are others who will be working for and representing Tuck around the world. It’s good to see Tuck’s global mindset in action. 

The Center for International Business (CIB) Learning Expeditions to India and China will offer the participating Tuck students the chance to learn firsthand about doing business in these emerging markets.  The groups will visit businesses, see cultural sites, and network with alums and other executives.  **

  • Tuck Professor Praveen Kopalle and CIB Executive Director Lisa Miller will lead students in India, with visits to Delhi, Agra, and Mumbai. While in Mumbai, the group will also participate in an event co-hosted by the Alumni Services and Admissions Departments.
  • Tuck Professor Peter Golder, Associate Director of Admissions Amy Mitson, and CIB Program Coordinator Sal Cania will lead the Learning Expedition to China. The group will visit Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Changzhou.

A few of the CIB MBA Fellows will be in Tokyo with Professor Paul Argenti meeting with executives from Mitsui and Co., Ltd. This team is working on a case study centered on the corporation’s successful efforts to restore its credibility and revitalize its corporate culture after a series of ethics scandals.

The Allwin Initiative for Corporate Citizenship is piloting a “Ten for Ten” program, named for Allwin’s 10-year anniversary. The program provides students the opportunity to directly observe and conduct research for a course project that uses business knowledge, and to engage with an environmental or social issue. This year, 17 students will pursue 5 projects in:

  • India to create a marketing plan for a conservation tourism group
  • India to develop a business plan for a new orphanage for girls
  • Dharavi, Mumbai, India, one of the world’s largest slums, to conduct research on residents’ needs for a $300 house
  • Bangladesh to create a sustainable savings plan for a microfinance institution
  • Pennsylvania to do research on implementing a student alcohol safety program

Professor and CIB Faculty Director Andy Bernard and Tuck Alumni Services will present a Tuck Alumni Lifelong Learning (TALL) reception in Tokyo. Professor Bernard’s topic will be “The Way Forward: Possibilities and Perils for the Global Economy.”

The Tuck Admissions Office is hosting:

  • a dinner with alumni and admitted students in Beijing, China
  • an event for admitted students in New Delhi, India
  • an information session for prospective students in Kenya with an alum

Several Tuck students will be at the Instituto de Empresa (IE) in Madrid, Spain, taking a one-week, mini course called Doing Business in the EU. Last fall, a group of IE students spent a week at Tuck studying.

And, I know that groups of students have organized recreational trips to many locations around the world. For example a large group will embark on what’s informally known as the annual Japan Trek.

** Watch this blog for more stories about the CIB Learning Expeditions to China and India.


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I'm Sue, the communications pro at the Center for Global Business and Government at Tuck, and I'm the administrator of this blog. From time to time, I'll post interesting tidbits about global business news as well as news about the Tuck community.
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