The 2010-2011 CIB MBA Fellows

A CIB MBA Fellow is afforded a few privileges at Tuck. You get priority, reserved seating at CIB-sponsored lectures. You get the right of first refusal for networking luncheons with visiting executives that are hosted by the CIB. You get to advise and help the CIB plan and launch new programming. And, you also get to work with a faculty member on internationally themed projects and research.

During the 2010-2011 academic year, our group of seven CIB MBA Fellows were very busy. Not only did they interview our guests, inform our social media efforts, provide advice on and support for our activities, and attend our programs, they worked exhaustively on two projects: one with Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication, on writing a case about the ways corporate communications, culture, and leadership styles have evolved in recent history at Mitsui & Co., in Japan; the other with Peter Golder, Professor of Marketing, on researching new product adoption in the emerging markets of Brazil, China, and Nigeria. At a recent meeting, I heard the following comments about the projects: 

Market research:

“We really wanted to dig into the reasons surrounding innovation adoption. We wanted to get some answers beyond price point.”

“Gathering the data was surprisingly fun. It was the most interesting part.”

“I’m more of a finance person, so this took me away from my comfort zone. It was a great learning opportunity.”

Mitsui & Co.:

“We wanted to provide a retrospective of how corporate behavior, both ethically and compliance wise, has developed over the last 15 years.”

“We sought out personal anecdotes. Interviewing people from a very different corporate culture provided great insight into our case.”

“I learned a great deal about how the concept of transparency works in Japan and how the decision making process at Mitsui changed over time.”

The 2010-2011 CIB MBA Fellows

Our fellows were (in alphabetical order): Sarah Austrin-Willis, Anne Carrihill, Sewon Cho, Jeremy Grossas, Kevin Su, Thiago Teodoro, and Ambrose Usih. They are all graduating in just a few days, and we congratulate you all on a job well done. Good luck and keep in touch!


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