In the Field with the Tuck Global Consultancy

The Tuck Global Consultancy teams are now well into the overseas portion of their projects. The TGC, now in its 15th year, is an elective course called “Field Study in International Business” for which students receive credit. As the name would suggest, it’s real-world consulting experience for Tuck second-year students. The clients, located all over the world, expect and receive the same quality results and recommendations as they would get from a large international consulting firm. Over the TGC’s history, Tuck students have worked in 51 countries for more than 100 clients.

Students in Dubai for TGC in 2007.

Currently, there are about 60 second-year Tuck students working in seven countries for nine clients. All the project teams have an advisor that travels with them. The field work is actually the second phase of a three-part process that takes place over the course of 13-15 weeks. The first phase involves background research and conference calls with the client to define and outline the project goals. Students then travel to do on-site field research for three weeks, including meeting with the local client, conducting interviews, and collecting data. The third phase back on the Tuck campus involves finishing the research and analysis, and presenting the final recommendations to the client and Tuck faculty.

Tuck TGC teams are working now for clients in Australia, Belgium, China, Czech Republic, Jordan, Peru, and Switzerland. Some of the industries represented by this year’s TGC clients include: brewing, professional cycling, luxury goods retailing, non-profit management, sustainable development, pharma, metal fabrication, and auto distribution.

Some comments from current students working in the field:

“Our team is absolutely amazing. We have a great mix of personalities and backgrounds. Almost everyone on the project has experience working in the same industry as our client so we are able to be very efficient and add real actionable results. This has been an incredible outlook to my global business expertise. … We are all working on different work streams, but in particular I am using things I learned in the Tuck leadership courses specifically Leading Organizations. Also, Corporate Finance and Marketing have been useful. The overall Tuck experience of working in diverse teams as well as exposure to FYP [First-Year Project] has really helped ensure our success.” Reed Parker T’12 – writing from Prague, Czech Republic

“Our client manufactures and installs modular building solutions, and our focus is on whether or not the operations of the business are being adequately supported by the company’s “back-office” functions such as HR and accounting. … We’re interacting a lot with the senior executives at this company on a daily basis, trying to build a relationship, overcome the language barrier (for me anyway), and really try to understand what these guys are thinking and what they want. … We’re actually relying heavily on what we learned in Leading Organizations to make recommendations about the company’s organizational structure.” Ben Dower T’12 – writing from Lima, Peru

“The project I am working on is for a luxury goods retailer in Central Europe; the purpose of the project is to devise a medium- and long-term growth strategy, while also making recommendations for immediate actions. … As part of our project research, my teammates traveled to Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland, and I had the chance to visit Bucharest, the capital city of Romania. … During the project we have been employing various elements of various Tuck classes, from GEM [Global Economics for Managers] to Marketing to Spreadsheet modeling. Overall, the TGC ranks as one of my best Tuck experiences: it provided me with the chance to visit a part of Europe that I hadn’t visited before, immerse on the local consumers’ perceptions and shopping habits and also get to spend some quality time with an excellent group of classmates!” –Patroklos Karantinos T’12 – writing from Prague, Czech Republic

Posted on the Tuck Admissions Blog: “A team of 6 (including myself) have been in Brussels for the past week – we have two more to go. …  All this for field research for our project – it’s not called FIELD STUDY in International Business for nothing. By far one of the most incredible experiences ever. Seriously. I love Tuck, and I love everything about it, but this has been pretty sweet.

So what have I learned from it?

1) Interviewing participants in a professional sporting ecosystem is a really cool thing to do – and doing business in a country that is not yours can be challenging. Understand the customary ways of doing business outside the US.

2) Problem solving is not easy. That’s why it is called a problem.

3) If you have a chance to do FSIB while at Tuck, I would highly recommend. Great way to get business experience abroad on a challenging issue with Tuckies.”

-Derrick Deese T’12 – writing from Brussels, Belgium.

Kudos to TGC Director John Owens T’61, the director of the Tuck Global Consultancy, and an his talented team — Goran Todorovic and Heidi Eldred — for making TGC such an important offering at Tuck.


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