The Middle East a Year Later: Business as Usual?

International Arena Speaker Series — The Middle East a Year Later: Business as Usual?

So, what’s changed in the Middle East and what hasn’t? What’s the outlook for businesses? Join us!

When: Monday, Feb. 13, 2012, noon (those attending are welcome to bring a brown-bag lunch), Borelli Classroom, Raether Hall

Why: Spring 2011 was tumultuous for Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and Bahrain. While these countries did not experience true revolutions in the traditional sense, the activities were revolutionary in several ways, such as the involvement of young people, the use of social media, and the recurring theme of women’s issues.

What has changed and what hasn’t? This talk will cover some of the fundamental political repercussions, and it will also explore the future of business in the region. Will political change lead to economic reform and global integration?

Dartmouth Associate Professor of Government Dirk Vandewalle

Who: Diederik “Dirk” Vandewalle, Dartmouth Associate Professor of Government; at Tuck he teaches the mini-elective course Doing Business in the Arab Gulf States

Background: Professor Vandewalle specializes in the politics and the economics of North Africa and the Middle East. Over the past year he has also served as political advisor to United Nations Special Advisor Ian Martin, who is coordinating the U.N.’s post-conflict planning for Libya. He is the author of A History of Modern Libya (Cambridge University Press, second edition 2012).

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